12 Naturally Colored Organic Cotton One Size Pocket Diapers + 24 Inserts

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These diapers are made of 100% natural color cotton that were grown organically. No dye, bleach, or harsh chemical was used in the process. 

They fit babies from 8-36 lbs.

Package includes:

Production Description

  • Inner and Outer 100% natural colored Cotton
  • Multiple Tummy Snaps - Allow for a flexible waist setting to fit smaller babies
  • 3 Rows of snap buttons that will transform the diaper from small to medium and to large
  • Hip Snaps - Help prevent wing drooping
  • Wide pocket opening for easily stuff and remove inserts
  • Front leakproof panel for extra protection against leaking.  Suitable for babies sleeping on their tummy


Weight Rise Waist Length Crotch

8–36 lb

13.5–19.5" (34.3–49.5 cm)

14–28" (35.5–71 cm)

19.5" (49.5 cm)

7.5" (19 cm)

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