20 KaWaii Baby Newborn Little Green Baby Bamboo Pocket Cloth Diapers+ 40 Bamboo Inserts

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A newborn requires 10-12 diaper changes each day, you need to start with at least 2-3 dozen diapers.  You won't be able to change baby after each wetting.

You need at least 20 dry diapers while the others are going through laundering.

If you get less than 20, they will wear out before baby is potty trained, because with fewer diapers, they will be laundered more frequently, the diapers will wear out quicker.

Pack includes:

Color options:

  1. Cotton Candy
  2. Periwinkle
  3. Berry Blue
  4. Iris Blue Stripes
  5. Baby Black Stripes
  6. Pistachio Green Stripes

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  • Scroll down until you see the Order Instructions/Comments (Optional) box in the lower left.
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