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Customer Testimonials

We are thankful to have received great reviews from our customers after using our diapers.  If you would also like to share your experience, please send all reviews to info@theluvyourbaby.com or let us know on our Facebook page.  We love to hear from you!

Video Reviews

It is so nice to have a tutorial video from our valued customer.  Thanks Sasha!


Product review of the Little Green Baby Bamboo

Many thanks to our valued customer Kristen

Comparing HD2, Pure & Natural, Heavy Duty, Snap and Goodnight Heavy Wetter

Many thanks to our valued customer Tamara


From the blogs 

New Organic Diaper & Sleep Sack Review from Bonny. Thanks!!


Kawaii Baby Cloth Diapers Review
Have you always wanted to buy the “nice” diapers but couldn’t afford them? You know, the ultra soft minky ones. Or how about just being able to try a number of different brands without breaking the bank?
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The Kawaii Baby OS Fun Print Cross-Over Snap Version Pocket Diaper: My personal review 
"This is the Kawaii Baby new fun prints in the crossover snap version of the pocket diapers. After I had tried the product, I e-mailed the company to ask them if it was okay to write a review about their product on my blog. They said it was, but I have not received anything in return for this review."
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Fluff Talk Thursday #20- Cloth Diapering on a TIGHT Budget!
"I have been so excited about this weeks Fluff Talk Thursday topic. Since I first began cloth diapering 2 years ago, I have been on a search for quality cloth diapers that ANYONE could afford. Let's face it...the up front cost of cloth diapering can be staggering. For some it is not even an option. Some families have chosen to not cloth diaper all together because of the cost. Sometimes it is more affordable to come up with $8-$10 per week for diapers then it is for the 4-5 hundred it cost for the cloth diapering start up."
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The Triplet Life

The kids fought me a little the first time I put them in the Kawaiis but not once after that. They have happily come up to me when it is time to change or when they want to be changed. There isn't any fighting or squirming which has been a dramatic change. So I would say from their point of view, they really like these ones....

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Written testimonials 

From Erin 
I recently purchased the Goodnight Heavy Wetters diapers for my 21 month-old son.  He was leaking through his regular Kawaii one-size pocket diapers at night (otherwise, they are great, too!).  The heavy wetters have been wonderful so far.  He has had some really full diapers over the past few weeks without any leaking.  He has also become a little fashionista and always wants to wear the nice, patterned heavy wetters!
From Lindsay
My kawai diapers are now on their 2nd child (so about 2.5 years). I have Velcro and snap one size as well as some minky, about 15 in total. Some are starting to slack in the leg and the Velcro is wearing out and don't stick as well as it used to. Despite this, I think I have totally gotten my money's worth. I do prefer the snap closure as once the kiddo gets moving, the Velcro doesn't hold as well. That being said, I think they have made improvements since buying these original ones. I tried the newborn diapers with the second child and loved them. Velcro was perfect for a newborn as she doesn't move too much.
To conclude, these are a fantastic affordable option for cloth diapering, just stick with the snap closures on the OS

From Katharine & Kevin 

Thanks for doing this honest review using her husband's name Kevin
OS Premium Bamboo:
on February 6, 2016
Love this diaper. My youngest is not a heavy wetter and it works great all night. He has a blow out with every disposable diaper he wears but has not blown out this diaper! It is very soft against baby's skin. This diaper fits my 2 year old and my 9 month old. It is no bulky on my 9 month old and fits under their normal sized clothing!
OS Goodnight Heavy Wetter 
on February 6, 2016
GREAT Diaper! This diaper is fantastic for my 2 year old heavy wetter. It is too tight on his cubby legs so we don't snap the legs snaps and it still works great. The waist fits perfectly. We've used it a few nights in a row and haven't had an issue! Great diaper for a heavy wetter.
OS Snazzy Minky:
5.0 out of 5 stars SUPER SUPER Soft
By Kevin S. on February 6, 2016
SUPER SUPER Soft! Great diaper and so so so soft against the skin. This is a great day time diaper. It fits both of my boys, 2 years and 9 month. It is no bulky under their cloths. My older son hates getting his diaper changed but will lie still for a cloth diaper change. He loves the lady bug pattern. The fit is great around the waist and legs. I highly recommend the minky material!
From Irina 
From Anne 
From Felix 
After trying the charcoal bamboo diaper, I am really happy about it.  The first thing I noticed is the smell of a wet diaper is definitely lighter than the regular bamboo diapers.   I also find that the diaper is slightly dryer when in used as well.  I talked to a couple other moms that are in my baby's class,  they also show interest in it as well.  We are all constantly checking your website to see when you are starting to sell them.
From Alli H 
I love this diaper. The Ocean Echo print is beautifulThe aplix is high quality and strong.  The pocket is easy to stuff and I love that the interior of this diaper is bamboo and not microfiber.  I can't wait to buy more!
From Becky Hammons 
We got our diapers a few weeks ago! I LOVE LOVE your diapers. Anytime someone ask me about cloth diapers I ALWAYS say kawaiis name first! They are my go to diaper I wish I knew about them when I first started cloth diapering. They are so affordable and GREAT quality! We have never had a leak out of our kawaiis, the bamboo inserts are our favorite. They soak up so good and during the day you only need one and the bamboo is so thin it's like she's wearing a disposable. I will be ordering more diapers from here soon! Great customer service and great product!! THANK YOU!

From Amanda via email 

Hello! I recently discovered your diapers at Jillian's Drawers. We started out with bumgenius. I wish I would have known about your diapers in the beginning. Although we have no trouble with bumgenius, your diapers are better and 1/2 the price. We are thrilled with your product. In fact, when we use 2 inserts at nighttime, we are sure to use at least one of yours. My husband and I are huge advocates for cloth diapers; be sure to know that we will recommend your product from now on. Thank you for making such a great product so affordable, and for keeping our baby's bum dry!

From Sharon via email 

I was a little hesitant to purchase one type of diapers after all the things I have read on the subject. I decided to just go for it, and purchased the original squared OS pockets, and microfiber inserts. I am a foster mom that has different babies in and out all the time. I have yet to be disappointed! These diapers fit every baby, every shape! I have not had a single leak or blow out. We also purchased the heavy wetter over nights, and those last all night no leaks also. LOVE KAWAII!!!

From Crystal via email 

I wanted to send a quick email saying how much I love my Kawaii diapers. I am new to the cloth diapering world, but speak highly of your product and great customer service! Thank you so much for such a great product and they are always super cute on my little princess!!

From Joei on Facebook 

Just wanted to say thank you for making such a high quality diaper for such a fair price. Alot of times the startup price of cloth keeps people from taking the leap. With kawaii it's much easier to convince the skeptics to give it a try. I love the little green bamboo most because they are SO soft on my baby's skin and they fit perfectly. I hope she never grows out of them. But if she does, she'll be getting more kawaii bamboo:) thank you

From Megan via email 

I found your diapers when my oldest daughter was about 1.5 (she's 3 now). We were loving cloth diapering her but the other brand we had weren't holding up. Yours have held up so well with her that they still look brand new with my second daughter. My second daughter is only 2 months old and has a wider belly and skinny legs. Your HD2 velcro diapers with the square tabs are the only diaper that gets the fit right so she is comfortable and doesn't leak. I am so excited to order more so I will be able to stop washing them on a daily basis! My family loves your diapers and we recommend them to all our friends!

From Jolene via email 

I have tried at least 8 different brands of cloth diapers and found that they all leaked or did not fit properly. Then, I found Kawaii and haven't looked back. Your product never leaks, works overnight and fits like a dream! I could not be happier with it. I have a cousin who is due with a baby on Sept and have gotten her interested in CDing. Needless to say, she will also be a Kawaii momma! Thx for all you do! Keep up the great work!

From Wendy on email 

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Kawaii Baby Diapers!!! I am new to the cloth diapering, and have bought a few of the designer brand cloth diapers, but I have to say that these have a better fit, hardly any leaks, and are all around the best deal for a family on a budget!! I look forward to purchasing more in the future! Thanks again!

From Elizabeth
Thanks for the review and the lovely pictures of your babies!
From Elizabeth
So when I was looking for cloth diapers, I was seriously confused and shopped and shopped around....some are soooo expensive.  I always used disposables, but decided to switch my son to cloth in November.  He was exactly a year and a half.  So hmmm....why do it?  Because it saves so much money and your not destroying the environment.  So I got 15...wish I got a few more, but I do a load every other day, so its fine.  My son is a huge baby.  I was reluctant to buy these b/c they only go to 36 lbs.  And his legs are sooo fat.  But they fit him great.  It's almost March, he will be 2 in May, and he is currently 30 lbs.  He has a big butt too, and hes tall.  So they do really bulk his pants up if I have two inserts in.
So washing!! I was so confused.  So I have a Samsung Front loading HE.  I throw them in with 1/4 regular HE detergent.  Set it on cold rinse and spin.  Don't spin. (don't use detergent until you start the heavy duty wash) Then I do a heavy duty wash, hot, extra rinse, with spin.  Takes like 2.5 hrs.....but my bill has seriously not gone up $1....really.  So at the begining I would dry them in dryer, air for 20 min....but then I started drying them on this cheap air blowing rack from bed bath and beyond for $15.
I went to my sisters for a visit.  She has a top loading washer....it seriously chewed away at these diapers.  I was so bummed.  So they are really worn from that one wash, so i would stay away from top-load and these dipes.  But this is the only brand I've ever used so not sure if thats consistent with other brands or what.
Get a sprayer that attaches to the toilet.  We tried to go without....the first nasty I was dunking in the toilet by hand.  So I ordered a cheepie do it yourself sprayer on Ebay.  Don't do it....it was terrible.  Leaking. Returned. 2nd broke.  Had to modify with Home Depot parts.  By the time it was all said and done, my $15 bargain was $40.  And I should have just bought the name brand BG or whatever one for $40. (without the headache.)
I'm glad I bought these Kawaii Diapers.  I figured if I got atleast 6 months of use I was saving money over disposables.  But I'm really hoping they will last till he's potty trained....hopefully by 2.5 yrs....which will be next Nov...which means a whole year of the same cloth dipes from Kawaii....so I will keep readers posted.
All in all a great buy.  No leaks....but you gotta change dipe every 2-3 hrs in the day or they pee through...but thats not the diapers fault.
I have never had a leak at night.  Not even once.
Thanks so much.....please post this whole review. I wish I had read one like this.  It would have saved alot of time!!!

From Kayla
I love your diapers! I have some covers and a OS pocket round tap. I tell all of my friends to check out this site. I love the price and the quality. I will most certainly continue to purchase from luvyourbaby.com!

From Jessica
I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased I have been with my Kawaii diapers. We have been using cloth diapers since my son was born in 3/10, and we ordered a total of 36 Kawaii before he was even born (
pure and natural, bamboo minky, and heavy duty pockets, a dozen of each), in addition to a handful of other products, most of which were more expensive. We have absolutely LOVED our Kawaii, and they are our favorite.  The rest of the brands sit in a drawer, virtually unused.  Our son is 18 lbs now, and we primarily use the pure and natural, which we used since he was a newborn. We've never had any leaks, not even with the messiest stools that would certainly have overflowed from a disposable diaper. They still look practically brand new, and they are very easy to care for.  I am so happy that I invested in Kawaii diapers, I rave about your product to everyone I know. The value and quality are top notch, two thumbs up for theluvyourbaby.com!!

From Bonny Clark
Just wanted to say that I love your diapers! I have experimented with several other types of diapers and brands, and am happy to say that I have finally found the perfect cloth diapers! I could tell that these diapers were better quality than the other OS pockets I had tried right away, before I even used them. They are softer and more absorbent than other brands and I can tell they will hold up better. The overnight diapers are especially absorbent. Our 14-month-old has been making it through the night with dry clothes, something we haven't had for a long time, even in disposables. We were tired of having to change his sheets and clothes every morning. These are definitely the best quality diapers available and have the best prices. I couldn't afford the OZ pocket diapers in other brands, but these were perfect for our budget! I can't wait to try them on my 3rd boy due in February. If we need more diapers, I know where to come!

From Wendy
We love Kawaii diapers.  They fit my four month old, and my 3 year old!  Wow, how is that for easy.  They wash well and dry quickly.  They are very soft and easy to use, and completely cute as well!  We do not have many pockets due to the price, thank you for making these affordable and still high quality!

From Tiffany
I just wanted to say thank you for making such great affordable diapers. Just over two years ago when I was expecting my first I looked into cloth diapers and was frustrated that I would not be able to afford to use cloth diapers due to high costs. Then i cam upon Kawaii diapers and was so happy with the prices and I have been even happier with the product. I had been given a few other cloth diapers and they do not compare and I have been much happier with the kawaii. My son is turning two and still wears the diapers I bought him at 3 months and they are still in the same great shape than when I bought them. Now that my daughter is three months there was no questions that I wanted to get the same great product for her. I just bought some more for her and can't wait to receive the package. Thank you so much!

From Nana Sue  on Facebook
Amazing diapers at an awesome price!!!! Have three grandsons ages 28 months to 3 months. Ranging in weight from 32lbs to 12lbs. All are heavy wetters and your diapers work on everyone of them and no leaks. Can't wait for everything to be in stock so I can place another order

From Shannon Boisvert  on Facebook
Kawaii diapers are the ONLY diapers I recommend to anyone thinking of venturing into cloth. I've tried over 10 different brands and styles of diapers, and by far Kawaii has been the best performing diaper out of all of them. They even stood up to the test of time whereas my similar name brand diapers costing 4 times as much fell apart. I also applaud the fact that April has kept the cost of the diapers extremely low while still being certified organic with ethical manufacturing standards. KEEP IT UP! :)

From Jennifer Sanderson on Facebook
I LOVE my Kawaii diapers. We have been using AMP's which we like, but we wanted to grow our stash. I ordered a few Kawaiis and now I have 18 of them! I just LOVE them. They are now my go to diaper and I even use the Kawaii inserts in my AMP's because I like them better!

From Melissa Nauss on Facebook
I have two boys (ages 3 and 6 months) and they BOTH fit the one size snap pockets! My 3 year old is now potty learned but it sure is amazing to have a diaper that fits a 40lb child and a 12lb child! We have tried many of the well known CD brands and Kawaii are my favorite on my skinny, preemie guy! Thanks for making a superb diaper at an affordable cost!

From Jeri
"I love these diapers , I am new to cloth diapering and the bamboo minky diapers are awesome , I totally recommend them to anyone wanting to use and/or try them , and you also can not beat the price of them , thank you for an affordable awesome diaper !! I will definitely be buying more of them in the near future,:)"

From April Louisville, KY
I searched many websites and stores looking for an inexpensive AIO diaper. A friend of mine recommended theluvyourbaby.com . I checked out the website and ordered one type of each diaper. After my first order I tried them all out and ordered 25 more! They are the cheapest diapers you will find but they have held up better than any other brand I have bought. Customer service was excellent as well! I highly recommend theluvyourbaby.com! 

From  Catharine
I just wanted to get back to you about the diapers I ordered. They arrived last week on the 13th, I believe. After washing them, I've been using them on my baby since then and really like them. They're so soft and, after a full night's sleep, the inside of the diaper still feels dry even though the inserts are soaked. And no leaks! Thanks so much for recommending them! I am much more pleased with them than the disposables which, even if they didn't leak, always felt so soggy by morning.

From Lisa
I received the diapers yesterday. Of course, I washed them before using them, and I was able to get a portion of them done last night and start using them on my 2 year old today. I wanted to just say THANK YOU to your company for making an affordable product for mothers (like myself) that want to be environmentally friendly, save money, and know that it will hold up for an extended period of time.

I did so much research and read so many reviews before I decided to take the leap to cloth diapers. Reviews of all sorts of brands as well. I had always been recommended "if you can't afford to be the lot you'll need, don't try the diaper"- but I took the leap by ordering 40 of your snap diapers.

It's only been a half a day or so that my son has been wearing them, but we both seem to be pretty happy with them thus far. I hope they continue to hold up and keep us happy.

Thank you again for being so prompt with your service and shipping to us! 2 weeks total for international shipment, I can't be any happier with that duration of time.

Take care and I will be continuing to recommend your product!

From Holly via email 

Just wanted to send a message to let you know how pleased I was with my order. These diapers are even better than I expected!! The Minky is so soft and the prints are adorable. And along with my 13 ordered diapers there were two extra diapers and three covers!!! Now I can try out Velcro and covers! THANK YOU!! That just made my day! I told everyone on our forum about the quality and experience I had. Thank you again, fantastic sale, great service! Once I save up I'll be buying a few more!

From Candi Manzon via email 

Thanks so much for the diapers we love them. Especially the goodnight heavy wetters. I have used bum genius, fuzzibunz, and a few other expensive name brand diapers and my son leaks through them every night and we had to start using disposables for night time. But the heavy wetters work great and he didn't even leak through it and we only used one insert. Finally no more leaks and no more disposables. Thanks again for everything we love kawaii baby diapers I'm telling all my friends

From Janessa via email 

Hello, I received my order of Heavy Wetter Diapers. I ordered 12 with the choice of colors. I love the free shipping option. I must say I used them for the first time last night, and it is the first cloth diaper that hasn't leaked! my daughter sleeps for 12+ hours a night, so I need a durable diaper. These are excellent quality, and for $7+ and it comes with two inserts! I will refer everyone to purchase these. I love them! thank you again.

From Sara Lawson via email 

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great product. My son is now 5 weeks old and now only wears cloth diapers. I am such a fan of them. Just before he was born I purchased a variety package deal and received 30 diapers with the deal. My favorite are the snazzy minky ones!! They're so soft and fantastic and am kinda sad I only got 5 of them haha. I purchased some cloth diapers from another company but am largely preferring the Kawaii diapers. I love the double snaps, I find they get a great fit with hardly and leaks out through the legs. Thanks again

From Amanda Pinkas on Facebook 
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! My son has eczema on his bottom and we usually wake up with a screaming red booty in the morning...He wore a bamboo minky to bed last night and woke up without ANY redness this morning!

From Dana 
My friend recommended Kawaii Clothe Diapers to me when my son was about 6 months old. I went to luvyourbaby.com and ordered the variety pack. The shipping was fast even though it was from Canada to Arizona. There was a bit of a learning curve for cloth diapers but now we love them and that is all we use. The customer service is AMAZING at
theluvyourbaby. They are very knowledgeable and if there is any problem with your order whats so ever they fix it immediately and politely apologize for the mistake. We now have about 30 Kawaii Diapers and these diapers are the best price you can find for a cloth diaper and GREAT quality. I have recommended Kawaii Diapers from luvyourbaby to many people and I will continue to do so. THANK YOU


From Sara 
Thanks so much for your wonderful diapers! My 19 month son calls them his "good" diapers because they feel so good (his disposable ones were itching him so he didn't like them). First day they came, I asked him if he was ready for me to change him (he said NO), then I told him he could put on his "good" diaper and he smiled and RAN to the changing table!


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