28 KaWaii Baby Diapers Preset Value Pack Combo (Newborn to Toddler - GN & BOY)

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Everything you need but in 1 price!

With a variety package of diapers, you can easily find the perfect diaper for your unique baby.  Choose from Eco-friendly, organic bamboo, bamboo charcoal diapers, with more than 10 different styles available.  You're sure to find the perfect fit for your baby!

Preset Value Pack Combo makes a perfect baby shower or new parent gift, or for your own use.

This value pack is perfect for Gender Neutral and Boy. You’ll receive a pre-selected mix of colors.

One size fits all: for babies weighing 8–36 pounds.  This will last for 2 to 3 days between laundry

Package includes:



Note: This is a preset combo without any options to customize colors. If you wish to choose any particular colors, order individually using the product page.




Diaper combo

Cloth diaper

Newborn diaper