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KaWaii Baby Happy Leak-Free One Size Diaper Cover can be used with inserts or with prefold or with fitted cloth diapers.

One size fits all, fit babies from newborn thru potty training (8-36lbs)

New design has an extra leg hole flap for leak protection.

Cross-over snaps placement adjust the waist to fit smaller babies.

Buy Hook & Loop Cover in solid color here 


  • Waterproof TPU fabric
  • Inside front flap – securely holds insert or cloth diaper in place
    • Note: Inserts are recommended for newborn, smaller, or less active babies. If you choose a microfiber insert, use a liner to separate your baby’s bottom from the insert. Microfiber has a drying effect that may irritate the skin.
  • Three rows of snaps for simple rise adjustment:
    • Small – snap the first-row buttons into the third-row buttons (8–16 lb)
    • Medium – snap the first-row buttons into the second-row buttons (16–22 lb)
    • Large – leave unsnapped (22–36 lb)
  • Gentle, latex-free elastic leg holes for extra leak protection

Size Chart 

Weight Rise Waist Length Crotch

8–36 lb

13.5–19.5" (34.3–49.5 cm)

14–28" (35.5–71 cm)

19.5" (49.5 cm)

7.5" (19 cm)

TPU, Cloth diaper, Baby diapers

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