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KaWaii Adult/Toddler/Teen/ Reusable Super Absorbent Microfiber Insert 4-Layered (5-Pack)

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Made of Four layers of 100% unbleached microfiber, these inserts (or soaker pads) are soft, extremely absorbent, and very easy to clean and dry. This environmentally friendly material, composed of tiny strands, is 40 times more absorbent than cotton – and less bulky too.

 Microfiber inserts are reusable. You can machine wash and dry them in any temperature. Suitable for heavy-duty use.


 Each Pack comes with 5 Inserts.  Good enough for 1-2 days supply.  Make sure you have enough clean insert to change after each wetting. Frequent washing of a small number of inserts will cause your supply to wear out quicker. A large supply will allow your system to last longer

See our  Diaper Wash and Care FAQ page for care instructions



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