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KaWaii Baby Bamboo Menstrual Pad Kit 30% Off!

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KaWaii Baby Bamboo Menstrual Pads are Eco-friendly cloth pads that is perfect during your menstrual period.

These pads are safer and less expensive than disposable pads. Disposable pads contain chemical beads to absorb moisture. They can block airflow and increase your chance of getting an infection. Our cloth pads can last for years with proper care compared to disposable pads that needs to be discarded after every use. 

Mini KaWaii Pads

  • It's so compact you can use it on lighter days or as a panty liner
  • Three layers:
    • Waterproof organic cotton outer layer
    • Two 100% bamboo inner layers
  • Size: approximately 6 x 3 inches (15.5 x 7.5 cm) 

Regular KaWaii Pads

  • A middle-range absorbency pad for use during moderate menstrual flow
  • Four layers:
    • Waterproof organic cotton outer layer
    • Three inner 100% bamboo layers
  • Size: approximately 8.5 x 3 inches (22 x 7.5 cm)

Maxi KaWaii Pads

  • A large absorbency pad for use when menstruation is often heaviest or as an overnight pad
  • Five layers:
    • Waterproof organic cotton outer layer: 
    • Four 100% bamboo inner layers
  • Size: approximately 9 x 3 inches (23 x 7.5 cm)

 12/Pack Assortment Kit including 4 Mini, 4 Regular and 4 Maxi Pad in assorted colors


Note: Menstrual pads are designed to absorb menstrual flow and not urinary leaks. Use Kawaii Baby Toddler/Teen/Adult Cloth Diaper + 1 Insert  for bladder control issues.



  • Lay the pad flannel side up on the inside of the underwear
  • Wrap the wings around the sides and snap to secure the pad in place 
  • Flip and fold before or after use


Washing Instructions

  • Soak in water overnight
  • Machine or hand wash in warm water with temperature lower than 95 degrees F or 35 degrees C
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Avoid chlorine bleach or fabric softeners
  • Allow for 1–3% shrinkage after washing


  • 5

    Posted by Kelsie on 5th Nov 2019

    This is my very first time using reusable menstrual pads! (I also use Kawaii Baby’s cloth diapers, which I love!!) so I thought let me try this brand first before the China ones you find on amazon! These do cost less but.. LET ME TELL YOU... I could not be happier!! Super high quality and very soft! Very comfortable, I almost forget I’m wearing it. I use to have really bad cramps while on my cycle and now my cramps are pretty much gone since I switched to cloth! I purchased 24 Of the maxi/heavy flow size because I needed a longer length since I tend to be a medium to heavy front bleeder and these pads are awesome! They hold a lot and rinse/wash out really well! I love that there is no microfiber!
    These pads do not shift nor slide, the organic cotton helps it not move especially if you wear cotton underwear with it! Ever since I discovered this brand I have been recommending all their products that I have used and every time, they do not disappoint! Shipping was really fast considering I live on the east coast of the United States!

  • 5
    Great Purchase

    Posted by Julie on 22nd Jan 2019

    These are great so far! I bought 2 of the 12 pack assortment on sale. There was four of each size (mini, regular, maxi) per 12 pack. Two main selling points for me: 1) no microfiber core. 2) budget friendly compared to other brands of similar material. As I have used them, I also find that the waterproof cotton backing seems to help the pad stay put better than pul/tpu material (it also helps to have tighter fitting panties). The only downside that I can think of is that the size small/mini pad liner is too short for me to use regularly. I do strongly recommend buying these cloth pads.

  • 5
    Work Great!

    Posted by Garner Angela on 17th Dec 2018

    I purchased these about 2 years ago and then promptly found out I was pregnant:) During that time I used them for regular discharge and the little bit of urine leakage I experienced during pregnancy and post pregnancy. (I did not use them for my post pregnancy bleeding so cannot comment on how they would work for that.) I just had my first period after having my baby. These pads worked great! No leakage and washes out nicely. I will say I did learn that in order to not have them slide around I need to wear tight fitting underwear. I also want to share that I rarely use the small pants liners, they are just not quite long enough for me. A great purchase, I love knowing I don’t have chemicals laying against my body or putting more disposable pads into the landfill.

  • 5
    Purchased years ago

    Posted by Porche Berry on 17th Oct 2018

    These are great cloth pads, and very budget friendly