KaWaii Baby Happy Leak-Free One Size Diaper Cover Pink With Snap

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Smaller babies use Hook & Loop closure better - easier to use. Older babies use snap closure better as they learn how to undone the Velcro


  • Waterproof TPU fabric
  • Inside front flap – securely holds insert or cloth diaper in place
    • Note: Inserts are recommended for newborn, smaller, or less active babies. If you choose a microfiber insert, use a liner to separate your baby’s bottom from the insert. Microfiber has a drying effect that may irritate the skin.
    • Function well with any type of prefold, contoured or fitted cloth diaper.  
    • Lightweight, leakfree and easy to wash and dry
  • Adjustable fastener of your choice:
    • Simple Hook & Loop closure with fold-back laundry tabs
    • Snap closure with hip snaps 
  • Three rows of snaps for simple rise adjustment:
    • Small – snap the first-row buttons into the third-row buttons (8–16 lb)
    • Medium – snap the first-row buttons into the second-row buttons (16–22 lb)
    • Large – leave unsnapped (22–36 lb)
  • Gentle, latex-free elastic leg holes for extra leak protection


Fold Back Laundry tabs is an extra piece of loop tape that lets you fold the hook part of the tab back for washing. By folding the tab back and securing the hook part of the tape, you can keep the hook tape from catching on other diapers in the washer. Folding the tab back also lessens lint buildup in the hook tape and prolongs the life of the fasteners.



An additional feature in the front inside flap holds the insert in place.  You can use the cover over the prefold, fitted, contoured diaper or diaper insert.  Insert and cover set is recommend for newborn or smaller babies with less activities or movement.  If you choose to use microfiber insert, use a liner to separate your baby's bottom and the insert.  Microfiber has a drying effect that may irritate the skin. 

Please refer to our caring instructions when washing this diaper cover


Weight Rise Waist Length Crotch

8–36 lb

13.5–19.5" (34.3–49.5 cm)

14–28" (35.5–71 cm)

19.5" (49.5 cm)

7.5" (19 cm)